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Marketing resources proven to enroll more students

The Marketing Co-op solves one of the biggest challenges for schools that want to grow: consistent, growing enrollment every single year.

Christian schools face high levels of competition as they seek to reach parents for the key entry-level grades: preschool, kindergarten, middle, and high school. Larger schools often use powerful marketing tools that can leave your school at a big disadvantage without the tools you need to reach parents.

If you feel like your school is a best kept secret and getting the attention of busy parents is going to take more than boosted posts and open houses, then The Marketing Co-op provides resources you need. If you are ready to build upon the positive word of mouth you have created, and know that you need effective marketing, the co-op can take you there.

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At Story Collaborative, we share your passion for Christian education and want you to have the tools you need to grow.

Our multi-generational, proven marketing team has worked with private schools for over 30 years, and we understand the many demands on your time and all the options you have for advertising and marketing.

That's why we started the Marketing Co-op. Our comprehensive marketing kit is designed to help you break through to reach your community. Through the Marketing Co-op, you have access to big marketing resources without the big price tag. Here is what is included:

Here is what is included in the Marketing Co-op:
  • Personalized videos for social + other customized content
  • Get found in the top results of Google
  • Build and manage reviews online
  • A personal marketing coach & online community
  • Marketing automation like email marketing, list building, and landing pages!

Webinar: Essentials for School Marketing & Enrollment Growth.

Answer the Question: What the are the essentials your schools needs to attract more parents and build enrollment. Hosted by David Mills, CMO of Story Collaborative, this webinar is for schools that want to build consistent enrollment. There are so many options for advertising, but they all aren't created equal. We'll provide the short list of critical steps for effective school marketing: 1) Make sure parents can find you online; 2) Impress parents with what makes you special; and 3) Join parents on their decision journey.

The Resources You Need

80% of parents look online before they choose a school, and they will visit the school after finding a good match for their child’s needs. Making sure they find and connect with you online requires the right tools and strategy.

Strategy + Content + Technology 

Effective enrollment marketing is a combination of strategy, media and content and technology. To win parent's attention, you need the same mix that allows large companies and endowed schools to market. 

Just picking one of the latest marketing tactics won't allow you to build sustainable traffic with parents. Like education, you have to bring the right ingredients together to create a foundation to grow from - that will take all three elements.

The marketing co-op uses economies of scale to provide you with all three elements. You get access to

  • Enterprise level software
  • Proven written, graphic and video content
  • Tested strategy delivered by a personal coach

Because we share these resources among Christian schools nationally, large private and endowed schools are no longer the only opens that can afford to utilize all the benefits of advanced marketing. By delivering both best practices and customizeable resources like video, downloadable content and marketing software, the co-op lifts your school to the same level of marketing that the big schools already use.

"We are excited to have the help with our SEO. I was ecstatic to see our name listed third when we search for preschool."  - Mike Taylor, Virginia Academy

Marketing Co-op Library

Participating in the Marketing Co-op for Christian schools
means that you’ll be able to use the latest marketing software
+ have access to our library of amazing content.


Reputation Management & Reviews


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing Assets

Track Analytics & Keyword Tracking

Look through the Sample Library

Bonus! Get a personal marketing coach when you qualify to become an official Marketing Co-op member! We also have a private coaching group just for members.

Get Real with Your Marketing

Here's The Bottom Line: the Marketing Co-op gives you the opportunity to take your marketing beyond Facebook!

  • Rise to the top results of Google when parents in your community search for schools.
  • Increase phone calls, visits, and enrollment—all while tracking your progress and seeing your numbers grow.
  • Only one (1) school will be accepted per community. Get started now.

Reaching Busy Parents Isn't Easy.

At the Marketing Co-op, we work hard to support each school, and monthly coaching allows us to share tips and strategy to keep you headed in the right direction. Plus, we want to lend encouragement as you reach out to parents.

The Marketing Co-op offers a local lock-out so that only one school per entry grade can participate in each community. This ensures that schools who are trying to reach the same parents nearby don’t use the same content, videos, and resources.  When you become a member, we’ll reserve a geographic area around you based upon how many children live in your community.

The first school to reserve in your area will be the only one allowed to participate. 

Getting Started is Easy

The Marketing Co-op is open to schools that are, nonprofit, part of a church, or are a Christian school. All levels are invited to participate,
including preschools, private schools, Christian schools, middle or high schools, day schools, boarding schools!

Complete the Interest Form

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